Friday, February 14, 2014


For Master Class, use the following sentence, in full, as your 5th sentence in your story: "There was an empty lot next door, with short cement steps leading up to nothing but air, and a For Sale sign swinging in the barren and sand swept yard."

I was on  my way to the beach house, meeting with friends one last time before life once again took center stage and the responsibilities and expectations of adulthood returned. Summer season had ended, the lifeguards were gone, the beaches closed and empty, safe for the few that coveted the last rays of warm sunshine waiting for the small bumps on their skins to tell them differently.  Each summer, I and a group of friends rented a bungalow by the beach, our weekend getaway, mini-vacations, our own form of much-needed infused energy given via Sun, salt water and plenty of spirits.  This year we'd rented a quaint, little clapboard house dressed in the colors of white and beige, both inside and out.  There was an empty lot next door, with short cement steps leading up to nothing but air, and a For Sale sign swinging in the barren and sand swept yard.  Many conversations were had late at night about this lot and how we were all going to chip in and buy it to build our own little beach house in the future. But, as many dreams go, ours was piped in the form of inebriated wishes that come morning was forgotten.

I walked the short, sandy pathway to the house barefooted, letting the warm sand cushion my steps and welcome themselves between my toes.  The warm ocean air flickered grains of sand on my face and suddenly I wished for one more month.  It had gone by too quickly.

I entered the house to screeches of laughter and the smell of homemade sauce and fresh baked ciabatta bread. My mouth salivated in pleasurable anticipation and I quickly set my bag down and took a hot ciabatta, broke a piece and dipped it into the sauce.  Hot with a kick of spicy, just the way I liked it.  Whomever said a good home cooked meal was not equivalent to a good orgasm never experienced the gratification of good cuisine.  It lit all of the same pleasurable centers in the brain except with food, the feeling was felt over and over.

I suddenly remembered I'd forgotten the bottles of wine in the car.  As I reached the front door the hairs on the back of my neck raised in alarm.  The air felt unpleasantly different - as if its oxygen had suddenly been vaccumed.  I instinctively looked to my left towards the beach and caught sight of a mammoth wave heading in our direction.  Air quickly departed my lungs and my heart began beating to an abnormal arrhythmic rhythm.  I quickly ran into the house to alert the others knowing full well that to outrun a tsunami was illogical but I suppose survival instinct sometimes overrides the logical.

Making my way back to the front of the house, I found it had arrived.  Looming high above us, on this beautiful, sunshiny day where the Sun was brilliant and the day had been so perfect, so gorgeously perfect, this ominous giant wave, this giant clear blue monolith 30 to 50 stories high, teetered on the brink of our destruction. Sky and Sun were gone, no longer visible, just a monster of a wave, swaying leisurely, teasing us with its power to destroy us. It did not immediately crash down; instead, it momentarily waited, swaying to and fro, taunting.  It was unfriendly, hostile, menacing, lethal.  I turned to seek shelter back in the house but found my legs frozen in place, no longer capable of motion.  Trying to find my voice within constricted lungs, I found it had deserted me as well. Fear had stripped my vocal chords of vibration.  Resigned, knowing my time here had come to an end, I closed my eyes and waited for the thunderous crash that signaled my end.


SAM said...

What a rush! I felt my heart beating wildly in my chest, too!! I love this line: The air felt unpleasantly different- as if its oxygen had suddenly been vacuumed. You throw a lot of little descriptions around in this piece making it feel very real! I love it!

Thanks for linking up with the Master Class again. You met the challenge head on and defeat it!

SAM said...

Ohh my heart is racing! What an ending! That last paragraph moves so quickly, with such action, yet the ending is so very perfect.

I really like this line: The air felt unpleasantly different - as if its oxygen had suddenly been vacuumed.

You packed so much detail in this short piece, you absolutely took me there! I'm glad you joined up with the Master Class again this week! You took the challenge and smacked it out of the ballpark!

November Rain - k~ said...

You folded the prompt into your story nicely.